About Us

We are a group of women with one love in common: photography.  From hobbyists to professionals, we all live and breathe for this artform that allows us to capture life. Our lives. Living in different parts of the world, each with different jobs, different responsibilities, different circumstances, our day to day varies for each and every one of us. But we bond through that one common need…the need to preserve memories. To capture the beauty that we see day in and day out. We are thankful for the modern day mobile technology that has allowed us to do this. In the midst of this hectic, modern-day life, all of us, at different points in time, turned to that one little camera on our phones. For the mere convenience of it, and the advantages it provides us to “never miss a thing”. You see, these “things” are important to us. Our lives are important to us. And we rejoice in celebrating all the details in it. The details that make us, us. And so we began to share the world as we see it. And a wonderful thing occurred. Connections were formed. Friendships were born. All because of that one little convenient portable lens, and a shared passion.

We invite you to come join us. To allow us, as individuals, to share with you the details that make our lives uniquely ours and why we love it as such. To show you the magic you can capture with that tiny lens. To prove to you that beauty is everywhere and it’s easily captured. You just have to keep your eyes open.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Would love to join your #mobilecollaborative group! My story. My photography love has started with Film, when I was just a child, chasing my brother with his gear.

    I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer based in Denver, Colorado, with a deep passion for painterly frames. My art continues to be a journey where I open and close doors! Allowing myself the freedom to “notice the unnoticed”, “see” in a new way. I view every frame as a piece of art. Love blur, movement, and emotive imagery!

    I’m a mother to a crazy teenager who absolutely loves Lacrosse, two rambunctious labradors: Emma and Jake, and I married my best friend, Blake, for the last 14yrs, and who supports me unconditionally in my love for photography. If you check out the blog now and then, you’re bound to see them.

    What inspires me? Oh my….so many things. Just take a look around you and watch your daily mundane life gives you hints…from a student holding a paintbrush in a unique way, from details around us like the way the hummingbird scouts the new location…Sometimes is nothing more than just wind, poetry, art….Love art! I have always loved watercolors and my dreamy, painterly frames usually are inspired by watercolor artists!

    Just recently took the Art of Mobile Photography and would love to put my new skills-phone skills to work and I am in awe with your beautiful work!

    Here is my insta feed and my website!



    Thank you!

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    • Hi Justyna! Thank you so much for your kind words! We currently aren’t adding to the group at this time. But your work is certainly beautiful! We are so happy you are part of this little community of ours that really believes beauty and art can come from any medium, even a camera phone. We would love to see more or your mobile work, so keep tagging #mobile_snaps_collaborative on IG.


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